West Indies Investment funding (Caribbean)

Service specifications

• Funding available for real estate investments and 

developments between $200k - $15m

• Hotels

• Homes/Apartments or Condos

• Timeshare

• Commercial and residential opportunities considered

• Minimum 20% security required of total funding, which can 

be land providing there is no outstanding debt owed

• Funding offered using Proven Bank (..), Republic Bank (..), 

JNCB (..)

• Term length: up to 10years

Interest rates and fees

• Determined by chosen bank on a case by case basis

Requirements for any potential offers


• Completed application form will be required for 

indicative terms

• Proof of funds and/or asset ownership

• Photo identification 

• Business Plan, Executive Summary or Exit Strategy

Other criteria:

• Each bank will have its own set of requirements, please 

be prepared to show any supporting relevant documents 

if and when required.

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