Product Lines (30 day line of credit) - Import/Export

Product Lines (30 day line of  credit) - Import/Export

Eleven Black would like to present new high-grade South American product lines below at competitive
rates, and would be happy to discuss any opportunities to secure long-term contracts.

Products (with full spec available):

• Avocado

• Bananas

• Coffee

• Limes

• Meats (Halal - cert AUR)

• Plantains 

• Soya Beans 

• Yam

We can access many other products upon request.

We can guarantee to:
- match or beat your current market price
- offer a 30-day line of credit
- delivery to any port of your choice, globally

Please get in touch on contact details for any enquiries.
Please confirm quantities so your personal quote can be calculated for your consideration.

Next Steps:
1. Client/s to identify what product/s they require and at what quantities
2. Client confirms at which port to expect delivery (client must arrange own logistics from port)
3. ElevenBlack calculates personal quote including delivery to port for client, with a 30-day line of credit
4. Client agrees with offer and continues to sign agreement with ElevenBlack for contract term
5. ElevenBlack proceeds to fulfil their obligations for purchase order as agreed

Ideally clients must have a yearly turnover of $3m minimum to access our line of credit.
ElevenBlack aim to always keep cost as low as possible for our clients

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